Sprinkler Systems

We offer a variety of different fire sprinkler systems. Some of our solutions include Wet Systems, Dry Systems, Antifreeze Loops, Pre-Action Systems and Deluge Systems. No matter the size or need of your business, our suite of sprinkler solutions is guaranteed to meet your needs.

Wet-pipe Systems

The sprinklers in these systems are attached to pipes containing pressurized water at all times. Individual sprinklers in the vicinity of a fire are set off by heat, allowing water to flow through them immediately.

Wet-pipe systems are used wherever temperatures are high enough to prevent freezing.

Water expands when it freezes, this causes water filled pipes to burst and become ineffective. Burst pipes decrease your fire suppression capabilities and can cause significant water damage.

Sometimes, an antifreeze solution or additive is added to certain pipes in a wet-pipe system.